What To Do After Reaching 1,000,000 views?

what now, now what

Hi, it has taken a long time for me to write this post for I was absolutely clueless on what to do, after reaching 1,000,000 views.  That’s the big question, for on my blog RawMultimedia I have achieved 1,000,000 views from my hard work, dedication, sacrifice, creativity, and positive thinking.  I must say I am super proud to say I did this on my own, using my talents of social media, basic SEO, people, writing, and photography.  The ride was a major climb coming from zero, but I never gave up.

climb the ladderclimbing the ladder

With over 2,000 posts written, and many failed concepts & series and also loss of sleep, I realized I loved and enjoy the journey.  I had failed writing a post daily for entire year on my blog, ummm let’s see 7 years in row.  Wow, that’s quite a lot of attempts, but I truly wanted that win in the books for myself.  I have seen a few of my peers achieved this, and I must say I give them so much props for that. Now I can say during this time frame of the last 7 years I have had 3 full-time jobs, (4) blogs I was running including (2) Websites, (2) Soundcloud, Vlogging, (2) YouTube Channels, Photography Services, and more in which is just my works, not to mention managing similar platforms for clients,  I can take a pass.  But I am the type of person, that says, no, to claim something, you must earn it, and I must earn it to say I did or say nothing at all.

The closest I have reached to the 365 posts for the year has been I believe, 340 posts.  I know it’s not far off right, but it was never fully achieved, and I am okay with that for now.   Maybe one day I might talk myself into pulling off a new challenge of winning this award for me, once again.

kevin hart

At this moment in my life, I can do the Kevin Hart, and say WHAT NOW? or NOW WHAT?, what is my new goal or focus to be ambitious about?  I have to dig deep to think out my next achievement.  Maybe someone has an idea to share with me or what I can do for fun again.  I will consider opinions and thoughts.

I feel I may have to do something simple but totally unique in my genre of content, and reflect on my journal or search through my blog and see where a possible spin-off or growth can follow.

Wish me luck and be sure to let me know your thoughts. 🙂



Thanks for reading,
Richardo A. Wilson

“Live Life Unscripted”