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in the end

It was truly a pleasure and also the end, of my month of poetry writing.  This month of April was a difficult month, I learned a lot, I push myself pass prior limits.  I am happy to complete 30 days of posts on my website today.  Not only did I post on this website for 3 days straight, I also posted on 4 other websites for 30 days as well for the month of April of 2015.  That brings my tally to 120 posts in a single month by myself.  I did post more than that in total, but it’s really take a toll on you being creative every day writing poetry, editing and posting photography, and writing articles of value.  But I have done this and more, and I am super proud of myself and I am excited to reach the next challenge in which is going to be in May.

Salute to everyone who writes everyday like myself and contributed to the National Poetry Writing Month…I succeed in 2013, failed in 2014, and became elite in 2015.  In the end it doesn’t matter, but it actually does, because a goal and an achievement was created.  See you next year…

Thanks for reading,
Richardo A Wilson

“Live Life Unscripted”


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