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Richardo A Wilson, The Computer Technician

computer technician


I love technology.  I had a great curiosity to computers from a young age.  I remember going to neighbor’s house and was so hype to just turn on their windows 95 computer.  But my real love for computers and technology came when I was in 8th grade going into 9th grade in high school, and I told myself I wanted to be the best.  I wanted to be the smartest kid to use technology to do the craziest and coolest things.  I was guy that was the king of custom cdr’s, file formats, software programming and tutorials.  I was so ambitious to try every computer software I could get my hands on to see just what it can do, how it can help me or another and how I can use it to make money.  I think that was my breakdown on why I loved technology.  Everyone uses technology a certain way, and I wanted to be the person they would ask for help or how to do things on a computer.  You can call me the walking tech help desk.

I am not much of a computer hardware fan, I buy what I need and I get the results it produces.  I am not a software programmer, even though I am very much into coding when it comes to website designing, excel spreadsheets, and music & video coding.  I feel every technician has their favorite sweet spots and some just force themselves into unhappy areas just for the money.  I am completely happy with technology, and can talk and interact with it at any moment.

My phone is always being rang for my expertise on various forms of repairs or how to’s.  I didn’t want to be the greatest or the most popular guy with the knowledge I have and skills, I am more happy to know what I can potentially do and how it can help others achieve their goals through me.

There is so much I can say about computers, but I all I know is I love to make people happy with computers and comfortable using it.  I am every much knowledgable on all the best in the industry and all the trends.  I stay current with everything and create new projects each year using the new technologies that exist.

My computer skills can be seen on my LinkedIn profile at

A computer repair technician is a person who repairs and maintains computers and servers. The technician‘s responsibilities may extend to include building or configuring new hardware, installing and updating softwarepackages, and creating and maintaining computer networks.
via Wikipedia

Are you good with computers and technology?

Thanks for reading,
Richardo A Wilson

“Live Life Unscripted”


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