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My Thoughts On Being A Professional


It’s a great feeling to know your skills can help someone.  It’s even a greater feeling to actually do that repeatedly for more than one individual.  I have set out on a quest at the age of 13 to change other’s lives and help them think differently.  The best way I thought I could accomplish that task was being personable, entertaining and very knowledgable.  As a professional these traits are embedded in my core.  My skills are apart of me.  It’s not a clock in, clock out situation as many view their jobs or careers.  I am always in a professional stances when addressing anyone.  But unlike a good amount of professionals, I am very approachable, inviting and interesting.  I always have something to chat about or some sort of information I can share to better your life or for you to better someone else’s life.

I just wanted to share a little background on myself and what I stand for.  I am all about the experience and helping others reach goals as a professional, while being a good friend that looks out for your best interests.

Thanks for reading,
Richardo A Wilson


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